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Fishing The Hub is your source for great freshwater and saltwater fishing tips, stocking calendars, and fantastic fish recipes. Trying to find the best fishing spots in the Boston Arjkjkjk jkkjkjea waste time and cause aggravation. We offer you the advice you need to save time searching, and spend more time fishiiohoiolpioioing. We're here to share our knowledge of nmbnbnbnbnbnbbn bnfishing around the Boston area with you and we invite you to share too.


r fishing in the Boston area is plentiful, with hundreds of miles of great coastline. We offer you information on some of the best fishing spots to visit. There are a large number of rivers, streams, and lakes in the area that offer great freshwater fishing. You can find a great list of some of our favorite Boston fishing spots in our log.

We fish primarily in the North East, but we've caught fish all across the United States, Western Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa.

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